Terms of use

These conditions apply from April 2019.

By using AdventureLog.io you agree to abide by the following rules:


You will not upload on the platform any data (in the form of text or photos) that could be classified as follows:

o illegal content
o obscene content
o Content that defames other users
o Content refering to other content that correspond to the above categorization (e.g. links)


You will use this service exclusively in the intended form. You will not try to manipulate the application in any way.


You will only use the "Share" option of this service to share your tours with your friends. You will not use them for any type of "spam".


You will use our corporate design (especially logo, designs etc.) exclusively to refer to our platform. You will not use or copy this data or aynthing else (e.g. code) in your own products.


If you do not comply with these conditions, we are entitled to permanently withdraw your access to the platform and/or delete your content.


We will delete your user account including all uploaded tours if you have not logged in for more than 1 year, as we then assume that you are no longer using the service.
This explicitly does not apply to paying users (PLUS users).
In addition, we will send you a reminder email in time, in which we ask you to log in again or to delete your account yourself.

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