Are you an adventurer, looking for a place to store your memories?

What is Adventure Log?

Adventure Log is a digital diary for adventurers who love to explore and document where they've been.

On you can easily create your own tour diary. For your eyes only or for the whole world - you decide. No advertising, no binding to a manufacturer.

You're adventurous and love being outside.
You want to easily log all your adventures in a diary.
You like to view all your tours in a nice, interactive way.
No advertising. Promised!
Share your tours with your friends.
Show your adventures to the world.

For all hikers, runners, tourers, mountaineers, climbers, bikers, motorcyclists and paragliders

How does it work?


Enjoy the tour and record it with your GPS device.


Load the GPS file into your AdventureLog. Important places and data are recognized automatically! Describe your experiences and add your favorite photos.


Browse through your tours and remember all the beautiful experiences.

Log your tour in 1 minute!

In this video we show you how to create a tour entry with pictures in under a minute. Have fun!

Take a look inside

You need a GPX or FIT file of your tour. Paragliders can use IGC files. You can download these files from your GPS device, or you import them directly:

We are partnering with Garmin and Suunto.

It couldn't be simpler!

From your uploaded GPS track we automatically calculate the most important data and recognize the places you have been. Just enter a nice description, optionally upload some photos (automatically placed on the map by their GPS tags) and you're done - you've never captured a tour so fast!
If you're from Great Britain or the USA you can of course switch to the imperial measurement system.
In your tour list you will quickly find your tour. Would you like to know on which tours you have been on a particular mountain or stayed in your favourite hut? Use the search function!
As an alternative to the list you can view your tours in the stream view. Additionally there is also a list of places. So you can quickly find out which peaks, lakes, huts or villages you visited on which tour.
Each tour is clearly displayed. Scroll and zoom the map. Find out where you went, drove or flown. Use the interactive elevation profile to find out where you've been at a specific time.
On your year overview you will see the "Big Picture".
What tours did you do last year? What distance did you cover? What was the highest point you reached?
One year full of experiences - all your tours on a big scrollable and zoomable topograhpical map.
Share your tours with your friends, via Facebook or Twitter, Mail or WhatsApp. You never lose control and can always decide to stop sharing the tour.
Alternatively, publish your tour so that the whole world can see your adventures. Here you can find our members' public tours.
Create beautiful PDFs of your tours.
As PLUS user you can create also large poster sizes (DIN A0).
OK on mobile, GOOD on tablet, PERFECT on the desktop.
The bigger, the better.


With us there is NO advertising, NO subscriptions, NO hidden costs.

0 €
/ year

12 tours per year
10 photos per tour
perfect for trying out

(PLUS +)
15 €
/ year

Infinite tours
50 photos per tour
+ various additional features

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