New features, changes and fixes

2020-10-13 - Version 2.10

Location search now with context

The location search on the map now shows the region of the results. Move the mouse over it to get more information. The same applies to the flag symbol of the country.

Number of entries in lists

The number of entries shown in the tour and city lists is now adjustable, so that users of larger screens can make better use of the available space.

Delete HR data

If you don't want to have your heart rate data in the tour you can now remove it.

2020-10-07 - Version 2.9

Loction search

location search

If you are logged in, you can search for locations using the search icon that appears in the lower right corner of the map. A click on a result line will zoom the map to the corresponding location. You can use wildcards in the search and optionally limit the results to the visible map section.

We are working on improving the location search and enriching it with additional information. It will be the basis for a new function (coming soon!) to create tours without GPS track.

You can find more information about the search on the tips page.

Personal settings for the route line

In your personal settings you can now define both the color and the thickness of the route line.

50 photos for PLUS users

We raised the photo upload limit from 25 to 50 exclusively for PLUS users. One more reason to upgrade :-)

2020-09-19 - Version 2.8

Heart rate data

HR data

When you record heart rate data and you read in a FIT file or import it via Suunto/Garmin, we now read the data it contains and display it in the graph. You can show or hide the HR line by clicking on the corresponding icon. Furthermore, the average heart rate for the tour is calculated and displayed in the statistics.

Please note that only FIT files can contain HR data, GPX files do not support this.

For tours that have already been recorded, we have tried to update the tracks.


Images are now no longer scaled down infinitely, the altitude of Mont Blanc is now correctly recognized, and when deleting places from the place list, the place types are no longer mixed up.

2020-07-21 - Version 2.7

GPX update

We now support more variants of the GPX format. So if an upload has not worked for you yet: try again! And if you have a track that does not work for you: Please send it to us, we will check it out. Thank you.

Exclude tours from statistics

Some users want to record tracks that are not really "activities", e.g. trips by car, train, bus, ... For this purpose you can now set the option "Include this tour in overall statistics?" to "No" in the form under "Statistics". From now on, the tour is no longer included in the statistics in the tour list and the dashboard.


As always, some errors have been corrected, e.g. an error when auto-rotating upright photos.

2012-06-21 - Version 2.6


For all who undertake tours in different countries: From now on, each tour is assigned a country - and of course the country is automatically recognized based on the coordinates of the starting point. Nevertheless, it can also be changed at will. With the "country" filter in the tour list you can easily filter your tours by country.

2020-06-12 - Version 2.5

Your tour stream

Now you can display your tours as a tour stream instead of a simple list, just like you are used to from your photo stream. You will find the corresponding symbol in the title of the tour list.


Upload tours without timestamps

Now you can also upload GPX tracks without timestamps that you may have created with a tour planner or downloaded from another site. Please note that certain functions of AdventureLog will not be available with such tracks, e.g. the tour progress or the automatic placement of photos based on time data.

But this is only the preparation for our own tour planning function, which will come later this year. Stay tuned!

2020-05-22 - Version 2.4

My places

Up to now, the places you defined for a tour had a niche existence - this is over now.

Now you can list all the places you have visited on your tours in the new section "MY PLACES". Filter, search and sort them, and immediately see which tours are "linked" to them.

So you can quickly find out which tours you have been on at a particular hut or which are the highest mountains you have climbed so far.

My places

Multiple filters

In the tours and places list you can now filter for several entries at the same time for the place types, the activities and the years. For example, you can display all hiking and cycling tours in the last two years.

Multi Filter

2020-05-17 - Version 2.3

Suunto import

We have fixed a problem with importing tours from Suunto - some users did not see tours from the last 12 months, but instead all tours older than 12 months.

In addition, the Suunto importer now allows you to import tours older than 1 year - just change the date range.

2020-05-09 - Version 2.2

New print options

We continue to expand the functions for printing tours. Now you can:

print options

Welcome, motorcyclists!

Unfortunately we had forgotten you as a target group - we made up for that. From now on there is the activity "motorcycling". If you have any suggestions how we can make AdventureLog even better for your needs, please write us via the contact form. Thanks a lot!

Biker support

Select default activity

In your user profile you can now select your "default activity". This will be filled in automatically when you create a new tour.

2020-04-11 - Version 2.1

Print overview maps!

From now on we offer you the possibility to print beautiful overview maps of your tours, directly from the (filtered) dashboard.

As a free user you can create DIN A4 prints as PDF files. PLUS users can choose paper formats up to DIN A0 poster sizes with detailed maps in 300 dpi.

The new function can be found behind the symbol Print icon in the tour overview.

Soon we will extend the print function, so that you can also print single tours. Stay tuned!

map printing

Slope map


By clicking on the icon Slope Icon you can activate a map layer which shows you the slope of the terrain.

Slope usually becomes interesting from about 25 degrees. 30 degrees is an important limit especially in winter when it comes to avalanches. Steepness from 45 degrees often requires the mountaineer.

But also if you just want to quickly recognize where there are steep walls in the terrain, this layer will help you. Everything that is red is very steep.

Photos even bigger!

We have now integrated the photos a little better into the map. They are now no longer hidden when scrolling the map and are scaled with the map. The nice "open" effect (desktop) is no longer necessary. Instead, the pictures are now available in a slider, where you can view them much better, bigger, optionally also in full screen mode.

2020-02-28 - Version 2.0

New map, now also in color!

We moved to a new server, and among other things we now run our own map server with our own map style.

The new topographic map has been improved in some details. We have integrated a better elevation model and adapted the labels and contour lines.

But the best is: There is now also a coloured map style in subtle tones. You can activate the new map at any time with the corresponding icon in the lower left corner or permanently switch to the colored map in your settings - depending on which style you prefer.

But all this is just preparation for new functions, especially for printing maps and tours. Sty tuned!

The new map

2019-12-29 - Version 1.24

Display statistics in tour list

You want to quickly see how many elevation meters you have already made while climbing?

When filtering and searching for tours, your tour list will be updated as before. Now you can also see the statistics of the corresponding tour data.

Statistics in tour lists

Show filtered tours on map

Would you like to see on the map all the hiking tours you have done in 2019?

You want to see all the climbing tours you have done with a particular friend?

With the button Show these tours on the map below the list you can now view all the tours from the current list view on the map.

Minor corrections & improvements

We have corrected some errors, including better error handling for uploading images that are too large - and we have raised the size limit for images to 15 MB.

2019-12-01 - Version 1.23

Exclude private images

When publishing your tour, you can now specify which pictures will be excluded from publication. With this you can make a great tour available to the community and at the same time protect the personality rights of your companions.


Minor corrections, e.g. in Suunto Importer, snf a better search engine compatibility for the published tours.

2019-10-20 - Version 1.22

Publish your adventures!

From now on you can publish your tours - making them available to every visitor of

You can find all published adventures on:

So go ahead: Publish your tours NOW!

Tip: Use the new formatting options, for example to embed pictures in the body text. You can find out how to do this on the Tips-page.

2019-10-06 - Version 1.21

Manipulate GPS data

Have you ever recorded a few minutes too much? Forgot to stop when you were already in the car? Did your GPS device record the tour with altitude information that was consistently too high or too low? Were you abroad and now have wrong time data?

All these things are annoying and had to be correct outside AdventureLog.

With the new manipulation functions you can now make these simple changes while editing your tour. You can find the button in the "Statistics" section.

In the future we will extend this area, so that you can also change single points, e.g. to correct glitches. Stay tuned!

Manipulate GPS data

Beautify your tour reports

You can now spice up your tour report with various formatting options. You can even embed uploaded pictures in the text. This is not as comfortable as we would like it to be, but a better editor will come soon. You'll find instructions at the bottom of the Tips-page!

2019-09-28 - Version 1.20

Favourite pictures for your shared tours

Until now, you had little control over which images were used when sharing your tour on social networks. The image selection was completely random.

We have now changed this. In the "Share" dialog you can now specify your favourite images. One of them will be is used when a shared tour is displayed anywhere, both for the single tour and for the group, depending on what you share.

The favourite pictures are also used for the presentation of the "tour cards" when you are viewing a tour group.

2019-09-23 - Version 1.19

Add YouTube videos!

To make your tour reports even more dynamic, you can now integrate YouTube videos. No matter if you are a free or PLUS user: You can include as many videos as you like, because they don't take any storage space on our platform.

The button for embedding can be found in the tour editing form next to uploading photos.

2019-09-13 - Version 1.18

Navigation improvements

When viewing a tour you can now scroll down with an arrow displayed on the right side of the map. This is especially useful on mobile devices. You can also return to the map at any time by clicking the "Back to top" button. At the end of a tour description, below the pictures, you can now also find "Forward" and "Back" buttons.

Download original GPS file

PLUS users can now find a button in the edit view of a route (in "My Tour") to download the original GPS file of the tour.

2019-09-07 - Version 1.17

Grouping for multi-day tours!

We have announced it for a long time, now it is here. From now on you can combine any tours, e.g. stages of a multi-day tour, into groups, and these can be viewed in an informative overview. Of course, you can also share the group. You decide. On the Tips-page you will find instructions.

tourgroup-overview Tour Group Cards

Better "share" links

The link to a shared tour now contains the tour name. That helps you to better identify your shared tours if you send the links to your friends.

"Add tour to own tour book" removed

We have removed the very little used function "Add this tour to my tour book" (on a shared tour). Due to the higher complexity with the tour groups we decided to do this and will soon replace it with something better.

2019-08-06 - Version 1.16

Formatting options for your reports

From now on you can use so-called Markdown tags to spice up your tour report with simple formatting. Here you can find a manual. You can for example create headlines, write bold or italic, add links to websites, and much more. We will extend this function and soon write something about it on the tips page.

Map images

It was a bit strange that the images on the map moved with a delay when moving and zooming the map. We have now changed this behaviour so that the images are faded out briefly. Unfortunately, for technical reasons it is currently not possible to solve this even better.

Share Page

We have made the view of a shared tour a bit clearer. Up to now it was unclear to many what the "Add tour" button does. Now we have improved that a bit.

2019-07-17 - Version 1.15

Support for portrait photos

So far, for layout reasons, we have limited ourselves to bringing all photos into a uniform format (16:10 landscape). We have now dropped this limit.

From now on you can upload photos in any format, we don't crop them anymore. This gives you more design options for your tour reports. If you have problems with a certain format, please let us know via the contact form. Thanks a lot!

portrait photos

2019-07-10 - Version 1.14

Optimizations for tablets and mobile phones

There is always something to do to support many device categories. A few things have not worked as expected on mobile devices so far, especially moving the map.

This and many other things are corrected now. To move the map on mobile devices, a "handrail" now appears on the right, so you can move the document and not the map.

For tablets, we have developed a special view that makes better use of space. With the button in the upper left corner of the info box you can also hide/show the statistics to get more space.


In addition, some inconveniences and errors have been corrected. Of course there is no perfect world. If you notice anything on your device, send us an email!

2019-07-01 - Version 1.13

Placing photos by EXIF date

Even if your photos don't have coordinates, you can now automatically arrange them on the map. All you need is a correct "original date" (EXIF date) in your photos. The uploaded photos will then automatically be placed in the correct position on the route.

Download GPS-Track GPS-Download

You can now download tours in GPX format, to use them e.g. on a GPS device or to upload them to other portals. The GPX files produced by AdventureLog contain your locations defined in your timeline as waypoints. Also these tracks do not contain private data and no date/time information. That means you can pass them on without any problems.

Show track on SwissTopo Swisstopo

On (SwissTopo) you can find the best maps of the world - the Swiss National Maps. Unfortunately we cannot use them directly in AdventureLog due to licensing issues. But no problem: If you make tours in Switzerland, this symbol appears in the lower right corner of the map. One click will take you to Swisstopo and you can view your tour on the detailed map.

Please note: For tours that are not shared, the link is only valid once. This means that if you reload, your track will disappear. This has to do with data protection. If you want to share a Swisstopo link, you have to share your tour.

2019-06-19 - Version 1.12

Import tracks from Garmin and Suunto

You've got a GPS watch from Garmin or Suunto? Perfect! Now you can directly connect to these manufacturers and import your tracks with a single click.

Suunto Import

It couldn't be simpler!

2019-06-09 - Version 1.11

All images on map?

Got a lot of images cluttering the map? With the new image option "show image on map" you can decide which images should be displayed directly in the map.

Changelog & tips

We added two new pages: The Changelog (you're reading at the moment) and the Tips page, where we try to document the features that you might not figure out for yourself.

2019-06-01 - Version 1.10

End of the official test phase. From now on costs 15€ per year.

Furthermore, we now support the project by maintaining our own map server. This improves the reliability of AdventureLog and at the same time helps many other people around the world to incorporate high-quality topographic maps into their apps.

2019-05-11 - Version 1.9

Tour timeline

The system now recognizes when you have paused and when you visited certain places such as the summit. You can change and complete this information as you like and look at the timeline the form of an interactive tour timetable.


You can find more information about the tour in the Tips & Tricks.

2019-04-28 - Version 1.8

Elevation profile

The new elevation profile shows you the elevation of your tour. You can hide/show it and use the cursor highlight a point in the profile and on the map. The profile is therefore also suitable for tracking your route.

elevation profile

2019-04-25 - Version 1.7

Metric/imperial system conversion

From now on you can change the distance and altitude information in your profile settings to the imperial system. So you can use feet and miles instead of meters and kilometers.


2019-04-21 - Version 1.6

The website has been updated with a video and additional screenshots.

2019-04-19 - Version 1.5

Original date on uploaded images

When uploading images, the list will now show you the date the image was taken, if there is one available in the image (in the so-called EXIF data).

If a date is found, the image is automatically sorted correctly. This means that you don't have to worry about the sorting of your pictures anymore!

Fixes and small changes

2019-04-16 - Version 1.4

Welcome, paragliders!

From now on we support the direct import of IGC files. These are used for all variants of flying, and of course for paragliding, where we added a special category for.

2019-04-15 - version 1.3

Image optimization

From now on AdventureLog allows more pictures and the sorting of pictures.

You can also show and hide the pictures on the map with a button to focus on your route.


2019-04-13 - Version 1.2

Time zones

We now query your time zone at login so that we can calculate the correct times from your GPS data. GPS tracks usually contain UTC times.

Clickable places

The places that were detected automatically are now linked. You can click on them and and they will be zoomed in on the map.


A shared tour can now be published much more nicely in other services, e.g. on Facebook. A random image from your tour will be used, also the title of the tour and the first characters of the tour's description will be displayed.

2019-04-11 - Version 1.1

FIT format

We now support the popular FIT file format, which is standard for Garmin and others.

Website update

The website has been updated with screenshots of the most important areas.


2019-04-01 - Version 1.0

We're online!

After a long development phase we are now "live". We very much hope that you will enjoy AdventureLog the same as we do!

Publisher/Contact - J. Hassler
Kolpingstr. 9
DE-79639 Grenzach-Wyhlen